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Welcome to Waiting In Departures

Welcome to Waiting In Departures

Oh no! Watch out, the world has just gained another flaming blogger, and this one wants to talk about travelling, holidays, mini-breaks, romantic weekends and overseas stag-do’s……….no wait scratch that last one, i cannot abide the “let’s all trip off to Riga”, get wasted, embarrass ourselves, and come back knowing our partners will view the notion that what goes on tour stays on tour with the correct amount of suspicion.

However, I do love everything else about travelling, the sights, the smells, the money, the food.  Whether it is watching a family of four on a moped in Thailand or a million pound car pull up at the traffic lights in Dubai, travelling sparks the intrigue in most of us. The intrigue to see just what life is like outside of our own country.

I hope this blog will be a mixture of humour, experiences, perhaps some tips and advice, but most of all it will be a blog that will resonate with the readers who share the same interests as me and Mrs H when it comes to jumping on a tin tube and flying somewhere new.

I think this is the bit where i dedicate my work to someone? Okay, i dedicate this blog to Mrs H, without whom i would be sat here right now on my sun lounger in my jeans, because i am woeful at packing.